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Hi All,
My name is Barbara Blanco and I am the founder and baker here at  Sistah Girl Desserts. Little did we know that our coming in Hawaii would develop into a business selling amazing "homemade"  gluten free baked goods and mixes.
When I moved here I  started to develop  allergies that was wrecking havoc on my body, and I was diagnosed with a slight allergy to wheat, among other things. And that brought about a change to how I looked at food and what I putting in my body. So with that revelation and since I love to cook, I started this company with the intention of helping myself and others with similar conditions. 

My company caters and distributes gluten free baked goods here in Honolulu Hawaii. All of our baked goods are prepared with the best wholesome ingredients and created with the belief that healthy desserts can be enjoyed when the ingredients used are in sync with one’s desire to enjoy a sweet treat every now and then and still enjoy good healthy choices. So if you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or not, just ask and we'll bake it for you.

Sweet eats and good health from me to you,